Dist: Ingram

Pub Date: Feb 3, 2013

2nd edition

ISBN: 0-9718694-3-X

Trade paperback 278 pp

Fiction: General, Thriller

U.S. $16.95

Publisher: Great Reads Books



The NovelPro Agency



Translations rights to: Eksmo (Russia), Maya Kitap (Turkey)


In this first sequel to the acclaimed thriller, THE JESUS THIEF, police find an unknown man near death, and evidence of a recent birth, at a crime scene in Central Park. Days later a celebrated scientist, Felix Rossi, holds a press conference at the prestigious University Club in New York. He announces to a startled world that the rumors about him are true. Felix did produce a human clone from DNA he stole from the Shroud of Turin. His virginal housemaid, Maggie, gave birth to the child. Ten years later, Maggie and Jess are living blissfully on Italy's Lake Maggiore in the little yellow villa that is their home, having eluded the world's pursuit. Maggie believes the man she loves died while saving Jess's life. Did he? If not, will he remember her and help her or give his allegiance to the New York billionaire with Vatican ties who wants Jess destroyed? Soon everyone must face the truth. Is Jess, her child, only a deeply loving but ordinary boy, or a reincarnation of Jesus of Nazareth, bringing a new message to the world? Written as a stand-alone so new readers can follow.

“A fast paced and riveting tale” - Midwest Book Review

“A gripping story, beautifully told - Lynn Hoffman, author The Bachelor’s Cat